Quality IOLs Service in Brooklyn

Now that you're ready for cataract surgery, it's time to discuss what type of intraocular lens implant (IOL) should replace your natural lens. While the traditional and most cost-effective choice remains a standard IOL that improves single-distance vision, you may want to consider the additional corrections and benefits offered by quality IOLs. 

Correcting a wider range of vision impairments

Quality IOLs provide individuals with multiple options to address a broader range of vision impairments - including presbyopia, astigmatism, or spherical aberration. These additional corrections can significantly reduce or eliminate the need for eyeglasses or contacts. 

In short, cataract removal and the placement of quality IOLs can correct near, far, and intermediate vision, allowing you to read, drive, work a computer, and engage in all your activities without relying on corrective lenses. 

Are quality IOLs right for you?

Although many people are candidates for quality IOLs, they are not right for everyone. Based on your overall health, eye health, lifestyle, and vision goals, our office will discuss your best options and determine whether a standard IOL or a specific type of quality IOLs suits your needs. 

Today, there are several types of quality IOLs available, including:

  • Toric IOLs – Correct astigmatism
  • Multifocal IOLs – Provide clear near and far vision
  • Trifocal IOLs – Provide clear near, intermediate, and distance vision
  • Aspheric IOLs – Correct spherical aberrations

Providing personalized solutions and advanced care

As skilled and experienced ophthalmologists, our mission is to help patients enjoy optimal eye health and quality vision. We maintain an unwavering commitment to excellence and take pride in our reputation for providing exemplary care. 

Excellent treatment outcomes depend on using the top systems in care. At Brook Plaza Ophthalmology Associates, we employ the latest technology, leading treatment methods, and offer the highest quality quality IOLs from Alcon and Johnson & Johnson.