Blurry Vision? Squinting To Read This? You May Have Astigmatism

November 29, 2022

Are you experiencing eye strain or discomfort, blurry or distorted vision or frequent headaches? Perhaps you’re squinting to try and see clearly, maybe even doing so while trying to read this post! You may have astigmatism, which is among the most common eye conditions diagnosed and treated by our ophthalmologist at Brook Plaza Ophthalmology. In fact, an estimated one in three people are diagnosed with astigmatism, which is often hereditary but can also develop later in life. 

Some of these symptoms can be associated with other conditions affecting the eye; that’s why a comprehensive examination by an experienced ophthalmologist is necessary to accurately assess and treat astigmatism in both children and adults. Our training and technology are unmatched when it comes to caring for and protecting your vision.

What causes the symptoms of astigmatism to occur? When the clear front cover of the eye — the cornea, which helps the eye focus — is irregularly shaped instead of round, one’s vision becomes out of focus. If the curvature of the cornea increases over time, so will the degree of astigmatism.

Our comprehensive eye examination includes a visual acuity test (using an eye chart), as well as measuring the curvature of the cornea by using a keratometer. We shall also gauge how your eyes are focusing through the use of an autorefractor, which uses a light shined into the eye and measures how it changes as it bounces off the back of the eye. We’ll use the results of these tests to determine whether corrective lenses or other treatment is required to achieve clear, comfortable vision.

There are few things as precious as our vision, and no one is better trained and equipped to protect this precious gift than our ophthalmologist at Brook Plaza Ophthalmology. It’s always wise to address vision-related issues in children and adults early on, when corrective measures can have an optimal effect. Please don’t hesitate to contact our office for an appointment.