Is Your Teen A Good Candidate for Contacts?

August 30, 2022

It may not seem as if kids and contact lenses are a good match, but we beg to differ. Teenagers can greatly enjoy the benefits of wearing contacts as long as they follow through with the responsibilities and proper care that come with wearing them. 

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Unlike eyeglasses, contacts require quite a bit more mindfulness from the wearer. A mom and dad can decide if their teen is ready by reviewing his (or her) patterns of behavior. 

Parents need to ask themselves if their son (or daughter) will meticulously follow his proper-care instructions. For example, if your son wants contacts, think about if he faithfully does his homework and household chores without your having to constantly bug him. 

Tell him that he’ll have to:

disinfect them properly and on the recommended schedule.

realize when it’s time to replace a pair that’s worn out.

not share or interchange his pair with someone else.

take them out at the first indication of irritation.

Your pointing out all of the benefits that contacts have over eyeglasses will increase his enthusiasm and interest. Explain to him that the contacts will improve his peripheral vision, are hugely advantageous while participating in sports, and will boost his confidence and self-esteem if he’s self-conscious about his glasses. 

If you deem that your son is ready for the responsibility, an ophthalmologist will exam his eyes and fit him for contacts. If the ophthalmologist suggests soft lenses, daily disposables could be best for your son; they require less care in that he won’t need to take the time and effort to clean and disinfect them every day.

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