Depth Perception Is a Key Component of Your Vision

October 25, 2021

If you didn’t possess depth perception, you wouldn’t be able to discern the deepness, width and length of things. You couldn’t even perceive how far away something was. Take a look at the world without your depth perception by covering one of your eyes and walking around for a few moments. Depth perception happens when both eyes focus on an object simultaneously. Your brain then combines the two views to establish a three-dimensional scene. Imagine trying to drive without depth perception! Unfortunately, however, some vision problems can alter depth perception. 

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Issues that can impede your depth perception include refractive errors. If you are nearsighted, you have myopia, and faraway things look blurry. If you are farsighted, you have hyperopia, and close-up things appear blurry. The fuzzy images due to each condition, which can affect people of all ages, won’t appear sharp and will therefore hinder your depth perception. 

At the same time, if close-up objects start to appear blurry when they formerly didn’t and you’re 40 or older, it’s called presbyopia. This condition strikes one out of three people above that age and also hinders depth perception. 

If you have astigmatism, your cornea is shaped irregularly, so it can’t correctly work with your lens to converge light to the back of your eye. 

If your eyesight is changing or if you find yourself straining to see objects clearly, it’s time to see an ophthalmologist. He or she will examine your eyes to discover the reasons behind your concerns. It’s imperative to get treatment as soon as possible so your problem can be attended to before they worsen. 

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