Seek Immediate Medical Help For A Corneal Abrasion

January 25, 2021

Abrasions of the cornea make up about eight percent of eye injuries that are serious enough to require attention from an ophthalmologist, who is a medical doctor. The scratches happen to the outmost layer of the cornea, which is the lens that plays an imperative part in your ability to see. Neglecting to have an ophthalmologist treat it can result in permanent damage. 

At the office of Brook Plaza Ophthalmology, one of our ophthalmologists will examine your corneal abrasion and provide you with excellent treatment—the kind of exceptional care for which all of them are known. Every member of our team is an expert in the field and knows exactly how to make your recovery steady and effective. We uphold a position at the forefront of advances in eye care, and we offer outstanding solutions to improve the feel and function of your eyes. 

Abrasions happen when any kind of tiny debris, such as sand, dirt, splinters of wood or some other foreign object, gets into the eye. Other common intrusions are fingernails and makeup brushes. 

Key signs of a corneal abrasion are an extreme intolerance to mild or bright light, constant tearing, the feeling that something foreign is on your eye and intense pain. The eye has hundreds of times more pain receptors than skin. 

Ophthalmological treatment for an abrasion of the cornea depends on its severity, its level of pain and the location. The nature of the intruder must also be considered. For example, if it was a plant-type material, you might have to worry about an impending fungal infection. 

At the office of Brook Plaza Ophthalmology, we treat every type of eye injury, including abrasions of the cornea. We love building strong and longtime relationships with our patients, and we look forward to meeting you. If you believe you have a corneal abrasion, call us for an appointment immediately