Detached Retina Requires Prompt Care

November 26, 2020

Time is of the essence in the serious case of retina detachment. Patients who ignore symptoms may be endangering their eyesight permanently.  It is most urgent that you see an ophthalmologist if any of the signs appear so that permanent damage can be avoided.

At the office of Brook Plaza Ophthalmology, our professionals are trained in every form of eye problems, and we are particularly alert to signs of this most grave condition, detached retina. We advise our clients to come in with any symptoms they might have, since waiting too long can cause the loss of sight in that eye.

Some common symptoms that warn of the condition include “floaters” or specks in the eye, flashes of light, blurred vision, and a shadow that obscures your field of vision. Although these symptoms are painless, they could signal a true medical emergency.

The retina is a light-sensitive tissue that lines the inside of the eye and sends visual messages via the optic nerve to the brain. But when the retina is detached, it can be pulled from its normal position. 

Although retinal detachment can happen at any age, it is more common in Caucasian men over age 40. You have a greater risk for retinal detachment when there is a family history of the condition, when you yourself have suffered a detached retina in the other eye, have undergone cataract surgery, or have other diseases of the eye.

At the office of Brook Plaza Ophthalmology, you can be sure that our board-certified ophthalmologists can provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment, and are skilled in the latest outpatient techniques. We’ll work to ensure a prompt diagnosis and take the necessary intervention to avert any serious consequences and your perfect eyesight is restored.