Bifocal Contacts Sheepshead Bay

May 10, 2019

If you need reading glasses, and also wear contact lenses, you may be interested in getting bifocal contacts. At Brook Plaza Ophthalmology our eye doctors, just one of whom is Dr. Jacob Ackerman, can provide you with a contact lens exam and fitting which will result in a prescription for bifocal contacts Sheepshead Bay NY.

Bifocal contacts are a very popular treatment option because they allow a person who wears contact lenses to no longer need to use reading glasses, as well. Not only is it more convenient for our patients, but many people do not like to wear reading glasses because they feel it gives away their age. Bifocal contacts Sheepshead Bay NY will have two distinct prescriptions in them -one for near vision and one for close-up vision. With bifocal contacts there is actually a defined line between the near vision prescription and the distance prescription. Your eyes will quickly learn to switch back and forth between the different areas of the lenses much in the way you would as if you were wearing bifocal glasses. Our eye doctor can also provide you with a prescription for multifocal contact lenses which work more like progressive lenses. These contact lenses do not have a line in the lens to divide the two prescription strengths; instead there is a gradual change in the lens in terms of the lens power. This provides the contact lens wearer with a more natural visual transition from distance to close up reading. Multifocal contact lenses come in both soft and rigid gas permeable lenses. They also can be used for daily wear or extended wear lenses. There also are disposable lenses which work as multifocal lenses. Our eye doctor will let you know which type of bifocal contacts will work best for you given your particular vision situation.

For an appointment to meet with our optometrist regarding getting bifocal contacts Sheepshead Bay NY, contact us today.

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