Astigmatism in Marine Park

April 10, 2019

Vision problems are incredibly common. Millions of people have vision problems that they contend with every day and millions more are diagnosed with vision problems as well. Annual exams are highly recommended for people of all ages, but if you happen to have a particular condition than it helps to understand what you can do for your impairment and how you can improve your eyesight despite it. For individuals with astigmatism in Marine Park, then we here at Brook Plaza Ophthalmology can provide you with diagnostic testing and treatment options.

Astigmatism, at first sounds like other common vision impairment problems. Like other vision issues, astigmatism is the imperfection of the cornea. The cornea is the clear tissue that rests just over the pupil of the eye. For example, nearsightedness and farsightedness are both caused by differences in the shape of the cornea, or differences from the norm. A person with normal 20/20 vision will have corneas that are evenly dome shaped. A person who is nearsighted will have corny as that are more conical, and a person who is farsighted will have corny as that are flatter than usual. Astigmatism is a little different in that it involves a protrusion in the shape of the cornea but in a particular direction. Because of this slight difference, people with astigmatism may have difficulty wearing contacts or finding the right prescription lenses. Here at Brook Plaza Ophthalmology can help people better understand astigmatism in Marine Park as well as provide them with the comprehensive testing and treatment options that they need in order to improve their vision and treat their condition.

Not every vision impairment problem is the same. Individuals have particular problems and it is important that you understand what your unique vision needs are. If you need treatment for astigmatism in Marine Park, then please feel free to visit us here at Brook Plaza Ophthalmology.

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