Marine Park Diabetic Doctor

November 26, 2018

Diabetic Retinopathy in Marine Park

Eye health is something that everyone should be concerned with, but those who have diabetes need to stay extra vigilant. While anyone can develop an eye disease or vision impairment, people living with diabetes are at a greater risk of developing eye diseases, including ones that are unique to diabetes. Here at Brook Plaza Ophthalmology, you can meet with our Marine Park diabetic doctor to learn more and to get the care you need on a regular basis.

Our staff here at Brook Plaza Ophthalmology has been serving the Brooklyn community for over 30 years. Offering only high-quality personalized eye care for the whole family, we can help you with everything optical, from basic needs to more specific treatment - which is needed for people who have diabetes. Here at our optical offices, our team of expert eye doctors are here to make sure that your eye health is properly monitored and well cared for. Our doctors - Drs. Ackerman, Lish, Metz and Schulhof - have decades’ worth of experience combined, plus they are always doing what they can to stay on top of the latest trends in technology and treatment in the field. For people with diabetes, more frequent eye exams are recommended. Because people with diabetes are more likely to develop issues, including problems like diabetic retinopathy, regular care is key, especially when it comes to early detection. Our Marine Park diabetic doctor can tell you more about the disease, as well as others you may be at risk for. This condition is a specific complication of diabetes that affects the eyes, damaging blood vessels at the back of the eye, or the retina, which is responsible for transmitted light to your brain to interpret as images.

For diabetic retinopathy screenings, testing, treatment and more, call us here at Brook Plaza Ophthalmology to set up your visit with a Marine Park diabetic doctor. Call today or you can find our new state of the art office at 1987 Utica Avenue in Brooklyn NY.

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