Marine Park Glaucoma

June 18, 2018

Glaucoma Eye Care in Marine Park

Marine Park Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a common condition that strikes many Americans each year. It has no cure, however if it is caught early enough it can be treated successfully so that the patient can maintain clear vision as long as possible. Glaucoma may cause vision loss over time if it is not treated or found during a routine eye exam. At Brook Plaza ophthalmology, we treat Marine Park glaucoma, as well as other eye conditions that patients come in to see us for.

There are different types of glaucoma. Open-angle glaucoma is on of them. It is a serious disease that afflicts many people over the age of 50 and is caused by abnormally high pressure inside the eye. This high pressure, known as intraocular pressure, can damage the optic nerve and cause vision loss. Because it is the second leading cause of blindness in seniors, people of older age should be checked frequently. The danger is that it can have little to no symptoms, and come on very slowly. Early diagnosis by our Brook Plaza ophthalmology office can detect many eye diseases that may cause further damage later on if not caught in time.

For more information on glaucoma, cataracts and other eye diseases, call our offices today. We want our patients to come in every single year for their eye exam, in order to test their eyes and make sure there are no developing diseases or problems happening in the eyes. Patient over the age of 40 should especially come in each year, as glaucoma and cataracts usually start at more advanced stages. If you have glaucoma, cataracts or diabetes, you should come in at least once a year, sometimes more if needed. If you have noticed any changes in your vision as well, schedule and exam with us. Changes in vision should be taken seriously and an exam with our Brook Plaza ophthalmology office scheduled.

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