Optical Store Sheepshead Bay

February 15, 2018

Eye Care Products in Sheepshead Bay

Optical Store Sheepshead Bay

aring for your eyes even when there is seemingly nothing wrong with them is essential to lifelong good eye health. When it comes to ensuring optimal eye health an annual visit to our Brook Plaza Ophthalmology practice for a comprehensive eye examination by one of our board certified ophthalmologists could optimize your vision with a prescription that can be expertly filled by our optical store Sheepshead Bay as well as protect your eyes against disease. If there are any problems detected with your eyes or any current or developing eye diseases our doctors can offer the latest treatments using our state-of-the-eye ophthalmology technology.

Our optical store Sheepshead Bay offers a wide range of fashion eyeglass frames from many of the world’s finest designers. We feature the latest collections from brands such as Anne Klein, DKNY, Prada, Roberto Cavalli, Tom Ford, Brooks Brothers, Fendi, Ralph Lauren, Tiffany & Co., Vera Wang, Gucci, Tod’s and Versace among others. Most of these beautiful frames can also be made into sunglasses as well. To compliment these designer frames our opticians use only the highest quality lenses including those that are high index so they are ultra-light weight, polarized to reduce glare and protect the eyes from UV rays, polycarbon as well as shatterproof and scratch proof lenses. We also feature Transitions lenses that automatically darken or lighten based on the ambient light as you move from inside to outside and vice-versa.

Our optical store Sheepshead Bay is also the best place around to get contact lenses. Our practice offers a complete range of both soft and gas permeable contact lenses that are expertly prescribed and fitted by our doctors. Most patients prefer soft contact lenses because they are easier to get used to and care for; however, gas permeable lenses are often recommended for patients with moderate to severe astigmatism or are severely nearsighted or farsighted. Soft lenses are now available for almost every prescription and eye condition including astigmatism and multi-focal vision corrections. Our optical shop carries daily wear, extended wear, disposable and color-changing soft lenses. Let our doctors care for your eyes, call our office for an appointment.

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