Sunglasses Sheepshead Bay

July 24, 2017

Designer Sunglasses in Sheepshead Bay

Sunglasses Sheepshead Bay

Everyone has a natural attraction to sunlight. We need it for Vitamin D, which is vital for our health. But in order to stay on the right side of the line between good health and harm, you need our sunglasses in Sheepshead Bay. The sun can be dangerous to your skin, which is why you wear sunscreen. Designer sunglasses provide the same benefit for your eyes. And at Brook Plaza Ophthalmology, you can depend on ours having 100% protection against both UVA and UVB sun rays.

Sure, summer is here now, and our sunglasses in Sheepshead Bay are particularly popular this time of year. That makes sense. You spend a lot of time outdoors, perhaps at the beach, or out at barbecues, riding a bike, participating in sports, or even just driving your car. The sun is especially strong and bright now. But you shouldn't put away your sunglasses when the warm weather subsides. First of all, UV rays are around in all seasons. And secondly, winter features a lot of snow and ice, which reflect sunlight that can be blinding. That can happen just walking around. But if you like to ski, ice skate, or snowboard, they can be very helpful in keeping your eyes effectively shielded. And don't forget the fashionable aspect of our sunglasses in Sheepshead Bay. Among the recognizable and trusted brand names we carry are Fendi, Vera Wang, Tod's, Versace, Anne Klein, and Brooks Brothers. We're pleased to have options for everyone's taste, skin tone, face shape, and budget. And if you want, we can put your eyeglass prescription into your sunglasses, to combine the benefits of both in just a single pair.

For prescriptions, call us in advance and let us arrange an appointment for you to have an eye exam. Or for non-prescription sunglasses, just stop in during regular business hours.

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