Contact Lenses in Brooklyn

June 15, 2017

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Contact lenses in Brooklyn

When it comes to seeing clearly, it's important that you wear prescription lenses if you have any kind of vision impairment. Millions of people diagnosed with vision impairments every year, and many people have some kind of vision problems at some point in their life. Some people are diagnosed vision problems early on, while others may not notice any changes in the quality of their eyesight until they are older adults. Regardless of what your situation is, annual vision exams are important, and we here at Brook Plaza Ophthalmology can help you make sure that your vision needs are met and that you are provided with options like glasses or contact lenses in Brooklyn.

Annual exams are recommended, especially since the quality of your eyesight can change gradually over time. Even the smallest difference can lead to symptoms or side effects like headaches, eyestrain, blurry vision, and difficulty focusing. By keeping up with annual vision tests, you can be certain that your eyesight is always working optimally, especially since we here at Brook Plaza Ophthalmology always make sure that your prescription meet your specific needs. If your prescription needs to be updated, we can provide you with the necessary adjustments as balls with the proper lenses. If you need contact lenses in Brooklyn, we can also provide you with the contact lens fitting you need. Once it's determined that you can wear contacts and what your prescription would need to be, we can show you our selection of brands and types of lenses. The two main types of contact lenses include soft and permeable gas lenses. Soft lenses are great for dailies or biweekly lenses while rigid gas lenses are preferable for people with specific needs.

Soft lenses tend to be easier to adjust to, especially since they are comfortable, and while rigid gas permeable lenses are firmer and more difficult to get used to wearing, they are less likely to cause bacterial infections or other problems. To learn more about contact lenses in Brooklyn and to have your eyes examined today, please visit us here at Brook Plaza Ophthalmology.

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