Eyeglasses Frames Sheepshead Bay NY

March 17, 2017

Multifocal eyeglass lenses in Sheepshead Bay NY

Eyeglasses frames Sheepshead Bay NY

Are you seeking multifocal eyeglass lenses? Stop by Brook Plaza Ophthalmology; our optical store is packed with staffers who share a genuine concern for meeting your every eye care need. We can match you with the perfect eyeglasses frames Sheepshead Bay NY!

At Brook Plaza Ophthalmology, our team of friendly and seasoned staff is devoted to protecting and maintaining the eye health of our fellow members of the Sheepshead Bay area. We believe that through careful listening, respect, training, and kindness, we can serve our every client’s eye care needs in an environment where patients of all ages feel relaxed, welcome, and respected. Our wide variety of services includes cataract treatment, comprehensive eye exams, diabetic retinopathy treatments, dry eye treatment, glaucoma treatment, low vision treatment, macular degeneration treatment, optical services, pterygium treatment, ptosis treatment, contact lens treatments, eye glasses treatment, and optical service and repair. Looking for multifocal eyeglass lenses and eyeglasses frames Sheepshead Bay NY? You’ve got options! Lenses come in many shapes and sizes now, spanning from progressives to bifocals to even trifocals. Never heard of any of these categories? Progressive lenses are sometimes called no-line bifocals; they create a gradient of visual correction that allows patients to see clearly at distances that traditional bifocals just can’t match. Progressive lenses allow patients to enjoy a visual experience that’s as closely matched to the way natural vision works (before the onset of presbyopia). They provide a smooth transition from distance viewing to nearby objects, while correcting for objects in-between as well. The gradation of visual correction makes it possible to look up to see far in the distance, look ahead to view a book you’re reading or a computer screen, and then glance downward to do more fine detail work like threading a needle.

To learn more about what our optical store can do for you in terms of offering you excellent eyeglasses frames Sheepshead Bay NY to go with your multifocal lenses, pay us a visit at Brook Plaza Opthalmology today!

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