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June 28, 2016

Dry Eye Treatment in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Ophthalmology Office

If your vision has become less clear, and your eyes are excessively tearing, you actually may have symptoms of dry eye. Dry eye is a very common condition that affects people of all ages. However, it is most common for people over 60 to have dry eye. Dry eye can also be caused by hormonal changes, or by taking certain medications. Dry eye is very treatable condition, but one which can cause serious vision problems if left untreated. If you would like to be seen by our eye doctor at Brook Plaza Ophthalmology, you will be able to have a comprehensive eye exam which will determine whether or not you have dry eye, as well as discover the reason for your vision problems. At our Brooklyn ophthalmology office, we have four expert eye doctors ready to help you with your vision needs.

Our three top-notch ophthalmologists are Dr. Jacob Ackerman, Dr. Adam Lish, and Dr. Dennis Metz. Our expert optometrist is Dr. Jacob Shafran. If dry eye is left to go untreated, it can cause permanent problems for the cornea – the clear outside portion of the eye. For this reason, it is very important that you visit our Brooklyn ophthalmology office for dry eye diagnosis and treatment. A person will have dry eye when either they don’t have enough tears, or they don’t produce quality tears which are sufficient to lubricate and nourish their eyes. Tears also reduce the risk of eye infection and wash away any foreign matter in the eye. At our Brooklyn ophthalmology office, our ophthalmologists will be able to thoroughly assess your eyes to determine whether or not you do have dry eye.

When you have any vision changes, it is important not to assume you know the cause. You will want to come into our Brooklyn ophthalmology office for a vision checkup. Dry eyes can generally be easily treated with medicated eye drops. There are also prescription medicines which can be taken which will help with tear production and quality. In some cases, a patient will only need to use over-the-counter artificial tears. The important thing is that your eyes receive a good quality of tears so that they are well taken care of and stay healthy. It is sometimes necessary for our ophthalmologist to insert a tiny plug into the tear duct to keep the tears in the eyes longer. In the most serious cases of dry eye, patients may need to have an operation to have their tear ducts permanently closed. For an appointment to see our ophthalmologists about dry eye treatments, contact us today.

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