Dry Eye Treatment in Brooklyn

March 30, 2016

Brooklyn Eye Care

Do you find yourself constantly checking your careful makeup due to eyes which seem to water the moment you step outside, or simply from a few hours at your work or home computer? As strange as it may sound, eyes which tear excessively are one of the many symptoms of dry eyes. Often times your eyes will try to develop additional tears in order to seek comfort, but in most cases this simply causes more harm than good, as patients will do their best to rub them away. Dry eyes can be a nuisance to anyone, but it does not have to hold you back in life. You can find the care you need to see comfortably and clearly with dry eye treatment in Brooklyn at the state of the art practice of the Brook Plaza Ophthalmology.

Dry Eye Treatment in Brooklyn

Dry eyes can happen to anyone, regardless of where you live or whether or not your eyes are currently suffering from a previously diagnosed vision problem. There are many causes for dry eyes, and finding the exact culprit behind your case of optical irritation is the key to living a life free of annoying itchy, watery, and irritated eyes. Common symptoms of dry eyes include red or swollen conjunctiva, excessive tearing, stinging and burning in your eyes, constant rubbing of the eyes, optical fatigue, blurred vision, increased sensitivity to light, a mucus which can often be stringy in appearance that occurs both in and around the eyes, as well as difficulty wearing contacts. Most cases of dry eye occur to do environmental factors. However, this does not mean that dry eyes only happen to people in dry climates. If you stare at a computer or other LCD screen powered device for longer periods of time every day, work in an air conditioned environment, or even travel frequently, these can all cause dry eyes. Eyes can also become dry and irritated due to many allergic reactions, and as such it is important to discuss your medical history with your doctor. Chronic dry eye occurs when the eye itself does not produce enough tears. Your dry eye treatment in Brooklyn works to find the right optical medication to treat the unique cause of your dry eyes for comfortably and perfect vision.

You can always find the care you need for the very best dry eye treatment in Brooklyn at the welcoming offices of the Brook Plaza Ophthalmology. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff have been proudly serving your local community for over thirty years with the latest advances in optical technology and procedure to treat the vision problems of patients of all ages. With dry eye treatments form the Brook Plaza Ophthalmology, you can enjoy vision free of irritation once more.

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