Optical goods in Brooklyn

April 30, 2015

Brooklyn Designer Sunglasses

Optical goods in Brooklyn

Brook Plaza Ophthalmology proudly offers a wide range and fully stocked inventory of optical goods in Brooklyn that includes sunglasses, eyeglasses and contact lenses. We know our customers and patients are seeking an individualized look that may come from a top designer or budget line when selecting eyewear and are able to provide something for everyone in our optical goods store. Our well trained staff of professionals will be able to help you find your next perfect pair of sun or eyeglasses by ensuring your selection fits properly, comfortably and is the right size to accommodate your prescription needs. In addition, we can help you choose between frames by recommending styles and designs that will compliment your facial features as well as suit your personality and fashion taste. Whether you are seeking a traditional, contemporary or edgy look, we have the right frames for you.

In addition to sun and eyeglasses, Brook Plaza Ophthalmology offers contact lenses as part of their inventory of optical goods in Brooklyn. We offer all types and brands of contact lenses from daily wear which can be worn up to 12 hours, extended wear for a more flexible schedule, disposables which are worn then thrown away, color changing which can be used even by patients who do not require vision correction, and hard contact lenses which can provide the crispest vision. A member of our experienced and personable team of professionals will also provide you with an accurate lens fitting to make sure your lenses fit properly and comfortably.

We recommend scheduling a convenient and comprehensive eye examination to allow us the opportunity to not only check your visual acuity, but to screen your eyes for any diseases or disorders that may require treatment. Once the professionals at Brook Plaza Ophthalmology have dispensed a vision correction prescription, we will welcome you to our complete line of optical goods in Brooklyn. When calling to set up your exam, our staff will be happy to answer your new patient questions including participating insurance providers, office hours and additional eye care services we offer. We look forward to meeting with you soon and assisting you with your eyewear selection.

Contact Lenses in Brooklyn
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