Eye Disease Exams in Brooklyn

November 18, 2014

Ophthalmologist in Brooklyn

For over 30 years people have been having their eye disease exams in Brooklyn at Brook Plaza Ophthalmology. Brook Plaza Ophthalmology is a place where every member of the family, young or old, is able to receive expert eye care. Our team of board-certified doctors provide expert medical care with the help of state-of-the-art technology and advanced medical techniques. We also strive to provide our patients with a friendly, stress-free environment. We value each and every client and treat everyone as the individual that they are. We always answer any and all questions and concerns; we strive to keep our patients well informed and comfortable in the care they are receiving.

All members of our staff are dedicated to our patients’ care. Our highly-trained professional medical experts at Brook Plaza Ophthalmology include: Adam Lish, MD, FACS; Dr. Jacob Ackerman, MD, FACS; Dennis Metz, MD, FACS; Jacob C. Shafran, OD; and Alexander Aizman, MD. They are all top doctors in the field of eye care. When people have eye disease exams in Brooklyn at Brook Plaza Ophthalmology they know they are being seen and treated by some of the best doctors available today. We offer eye care appointments six days a week, excluding Saturday. We know you have a busy schedule and always try our best to accommodate your scheduling needs.

Our eye disease exams in Brooklyn at Brook Plaza Ophthalmology are very thorough. You can rest assured that your care and comfort will always be a top priority before, during and after the eye exam. During a typical exam, we are able to screen for many eye diseases. These exams are an invaluable tool for helping our patients maintain healthy eyes. Parts of each comprehensive eye exam include: slit lamp exam; dilated eye exam refraction for glasses and contact lenses; Glaucoma pressure testing; and a series of other computerized tests to help determine the health of your eyes. When it comes to eye health, an ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure. Many eye problems, if caught early, can be fairly easily treated and stopped from causing any vision loss. Our doctors are also fully trained in Refractive Cataract Surgery, Glaucoma Care, Glaucoma Computer Diagnosis, and Diabetic Eye Care.

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