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August 31, 2014

Eye Surgery

Are you suffering from ever increasing levels of vision loss due to a developing cause of cataracts? In many cases, cataracts will slowly develop over time to cause increasingly blurry and distorted vision often until the foggy area becomes completely opaque. However, even with advanced levels of cataracts, your eyes are not without hope. Today’s latest advances in optical technology and procedure make it possible for complete vision restoration with just one procedure. To find out how you can get your clear vision back, simply visit the experts at your local Brooklyn eye surgeon of the Brook Plaza Ophthalmology, and ask how eye surgery can work for you.

Brooklyn Eye Surgeon

Eye surgery is one of the most advanced methods of vision restoration today. In the case of cataract, optical surgery works to remove the cause of your blindness and even work to correct any previously diagnosed vision problems thanks to the latest advances in optical technology. The science of sight depends on many different factors, one of which being the ability for light to pass through the eye into the optic nerves without obstruction. When a cataract begins to form on the natural lens of the eye, this disrupts the path of information to the retina and causes vision loss that grows to increasing levels over time. When the cataract is ripe, or completely opaque, your professional Brooklyn eye surgeon can work to restore your vision by removing the problem entirely. This is accomplished through a procedure known as refractive cataract surgery. In this procedure, your doctor will work to remove the intraocular lens of the eye through the use of a type of ultrasound technology known as phacoemulsification. Today this can be done through a self-sealing incision, allowing for eye surgery that never needs stitches once the procedure is complete. The natural lens of the eye is then replace with an artificial intraocular lens, also known as an IOL. In the past, IOLs could only be prescribed with a single level of prescription, allowing for only one vision problem to be treated. However, today patients can utilize multifocal IOLs to enjoy perfect vision that may allow you to be rid of eyeglasses altogether. Refractive cataract surgery can be completed in just thirty minutes with only local anesthesia being required.

For the very best in cataracts care, be sure to visit the experts at your neighborhood Brooklyn eye surgeon. Our fully licensed and professionally trained team at the state of the art practice of the Brook Plaza Ophthalmology have been proudly serving your local community with the latest in optical technology and procedure for over thirty years. With eye surgery from the Brook Plaza Ophthalmology you can enjoy perfect vision once more.

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