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March 31, 2014

11234 Contact Lenses

The benefits of wearing contact lenses are impressive and if you would like to take advantage of them, Brook Plaza Ophthalmology is the place to go. In addition to offering a wide selection of contact lenses including soft and rigid; extended wear, daily wear, disposable, and color changing. Our Flatlands optical store will ensure that your new contact lenses are right for you with a contact lens exam and that they are comfortable and sit right in your eye with a fitting.

You should have a comprehensive eye exam every year, regardless if you need contact lenses or not. It’s important to stay on top of not only your current vision needs, but to be screened for possible eye diseases and complications since many times they produce no early warning symptoms. The exam for contact lenses is more involved than if you want eyeglasses. This is because the contacts will be inside your eye and therefore a more thorough inspection of your conjunctiva, eyelids, cornea, and corneal curvature are essential to ensure that your eyes are healthy and appropriate for wearing them. A contact lens prescription from our Flatlands optical store will be slightly different than one for eyeglasses. This is due to the proximity of a contact lens to your eye compared to eyeglass lenses. Also, the curve of the lens is different.

The fitting is equally important to getting your new contact lenses. One reason is that when a contact does not sit properly in your eye, it may not be giving you the optimal vision correction possible. Also, if it were too snug or too loose, it could be more likely to irritate your eye or just be unpleasant to wear. Our Flatlands optical store knows that common sense dictates that contact lenses that are uncomfortable will be less likely to be worn when they should be. So, the fitting will make sure that you are happy with how you see and how you feel in your contact lenses.

Contact lenses are a fine choice for most vision need. They give you a fuller range of vision than do eyeglasses and a more natural way of seeing. Our Flatlands optical store is happy to provide them to you and to ensure that they are the right ones for you.

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