Brooklyn Glaucoma Specialist

April 29, 2013

Brooklyn Glaucoma Specialist

Glaucoma is serious business. It is the leading cause of blindness, and as there are often no symptoms, frequent eye exams and glaucoma testing are critical. At Brook Plaza Ophthalmology, our Brooklyn Glaucoma Specialists, Doctors Ackerman, Lish, and Metz are dedicated to the early detection and treatment of glaucoma. With the newest testing and treatment technologies they are committed to your excellent eye health specifically and your overall good health in general.

Glaucoma has several causes and getting to the root of the issue is of utmost importance. Diabetes can be a contributing factor in glaucoma as well as aging, when plaque in the arteries limits blood supply to the eye tissues, which can cause damage to the optic nerve. Also, when there is blocked drainage of the fluid that bathes the tissues of the eyes, pressure builds inside the eye and glaucoma is the result. Our Brooklyn Glaucoma Specialists at Brook Plaza Ophthalmology have many ways of determining the existence of glaucoma in the eye and it is our mission and promise to do so in a timely way.

There can be some symptoms of glaucoma but frequently the symptoms show up when it is late in the evolution of the disease, so early detection is so important. Some of those symptoms might include eye pain, blurred vision, loss of peripheral vision and in advanced stages tunnel vision, halos around lights, and sudden vision problems. Come in and see our Brooklyn Glaucoma Specialist immediately if you have any of these symptoms and make sure that you have eye exams with us on a regular basis. Early detection and treatment are an assured way of slowing the progression of this disease and easing some of the symptoms you may experience.

Doctors Jacob Ackerman, Adam Lish, and Dennis Metz, are caring and skilled professionals. And the rest of the staff at Brook Plaza Ophthalmology, your local, go-to Brooklyn Glaucoma Specialists, create an atmosphere that is welcoming and friendly and puts you at your ease right away. Your comfort and convenience are very important to us so we are open Monday through Friday and also on Sundays. Come and see us soon!

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