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December 28, 2013

Brooklyn Ophthalmology Office

Have you been fighting with gradual loss of sight that is continually growing worse? If you are tired of depending on your ever-thickening prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses in order to see clearly, or are otherwise suffering from a ripe cataracts completely disrupting your sight with cloudy vision, the latest advances in optical technology may hold the answers you need to achieve clear vision like never before. With an intraocular lens procedure from your local Brooklyn ophthalmology office you could be able to achieve perfect vision without the need for ophthalmic eyeglasses or prescription contact lenses. To find out more about the many types of IOLs on the market today, simply visit the experts in your area at the Brook Plaza Ophthalmology.

For many of us, the problems we experience with our sight are caused by hereditary deformities in our eye along the natural lens. As we grow older, this lens can lose its flexibility. This stiffening can result a loss of your eyes ability to focus on objects up close as early as 40, a common condition known as presbyopia. Aging can also cause the lens to disfigure and lose its transparency over time, developing an opaque cloudy mass known as cataracts that can result in total vision loss. Fortunately, there are methods of optical surgery powered by the state of the art technology found in the offices of your trusted Brooklyn ophthalmology office which can give you back your clear vision in a whole new way that does not need to be replaced at any other point in life, and can be cared for just as you would your own natural eyes. An intraocular lens procedure works by creating a precise incision with a laser, and replacing the lens of your eye which has become defected with age, with an artificial lens.

This lens in the past was only able to be prescribed with one level of sight, but today’s IOLs can be crafted as multifocal lenses to correct more vision problems than ever before. At your professional Brooklyn ophthalmology office our IOLs can replace bifocal or progressive lenses, provide assistance in correcting astigmatism, as well as remove a cataract and restore your eye to clear vision with this unique artificial lens technology. ReZoom IOLs are the perfect fit for patients suffering from mild to severe cases of astigmatism, even while they replace a lens that has been damaged by cataracts. This multifocal IOL can treat a wide range of optical conditions, and has risen to be the most popular IOL in use today. Whether you require ReZoom, ReSTOR, or Acrysof IOLS to correct your vision, you can be sure to find the level of professional and personalized care you need at the offices of Brook Plaza Ophthalmology for sight restoring intraocular lens procedures.

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